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HelpUBroker is the perfect solution for those who need aircraft brokerage services but don’t want to pay the high fees of traditional companies. With HelpUBroker, you can choose your budget and how much help you need, so you’re not paying for services you don’t use. 
Plus, our simple and affordable pricing is transparent, so there are no hidden fees. Whether you need full-service brokerage or just a little help, HelpUBroker is the right choice for you.
Texas Aircraft Broker David Hasselberg

About Me

I am a father and husband of four children, grandfather of three wonderful children in SC. I have been a structure mechanic since 2/6/89 when I walked in the door of the Everett, Wash Boeing plant. I worked at Boeing for fifteen years before going out on my own in 2004 as a contractor for the airlines. I have worked on everything from helicopters, drones for the military, and of course most Bombardier and Boeing products. I understand the process of selling or obtaining a new aircraft in today’s market. I listen !! I know that you have a lot of emotion wrapped up in the aircraft so let’s make a plan to make it less stressful and get top dollar for your plane!

How It Works !!!

Provide me with the information on your plane

Airframe Total Time

Engine Total Time

Prop Total Time

Avionics in the plane

Paint on a scale of 1-10

The interior on a scale of 1-10

Any damage history

As many pictures of the plane, you can provide

our Mission

Aircraft Sales Assistance – You want to sell your aircraft and save money, but do you have the time to answer all the phone calls and market it to get top dollar for your plane? This is where HelpUBroker comes in.

I’m your Texas aircraft broker.  Or your Oklahoma aircraft broker. Or your Florida aircraft broker.  Or your South Carolina aircraft broker!  You get the idea.

I spend a lot of time on the road helping aircraft sellers have a great experience.

Current Aircraft Inventory

1998 Vans RV

1998 Vans RV6

Type: Vans
Make: RV6
Year: 1998
Reg No:
Price :
1964 CESSNA 182H


1964 CESSNA 182H

Type: Cessna
Make: 182H
Year: 1964
Reg No:
Location: Seattle, WA
Price : $139,950



Type: Piper
Make: Arrow II
Year: 1976
Reg No: N6290J
Location: New Braunfels, TX
Price : $135,000
1976 BARON 58TC


1976 BARON 58TC

Type: Baron
Make: 58TC
Year: 1976
Reg No: N1564L
Location: Batesville MS
Price : $146,000



Type: American Grumman
Make: Traveler AAR
Year: 1972
Reg No: N1973T
Location: Goldthwaite TX
Price : $110,000
Piper Saratoga


1980 Piper Turbo Saratoga

Type: Piper
Make: Turbo Saratoga
Year: 1980
Reg No: N83057W
Location: Princeton MN
Price : $175,000

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